Mens Competition Rules

Conditions of Entry to Singles Competitions 

  1. Sign into computer before starting your round.  
           You will not be able to sign and entry at the same time.
  2. Ensure your name is entered into competition book
  3. Funds are needed in the purse in order to book a competition. Once 6pm the evening before the competition date has passed, money will be taken from your competition purse account. Any cancellations between 6pm - 9pm the night before will still be charged the competition fee.
  4. On completion of round, ensure you and your marker have checked
    and signed your card and initial any alterations.
  5. As soon as practicable, enter your score into the computer
  6. Return your card into the competition box in the entrance to the locker room

Junior Golfers (under 18 years) must be accompanied by an adult for Member Competitions and score cards must be signed by the adult accompanying (excluding Junior Competitions)

In the event of adverse weather conditions, there must be a 60% return of completed rounds to maintain competition

Failure to comply with competition conditions will result in disqualification


Winter Mats:

When winter mats are in play the player must stand on and play the ball within the area of the mat. Failure to play from within the mat area as above will result in penalities or disqualification.

Winter Greens:

Winter greens are to be regarded as G.U.R.(when not in play) from which play is prohibited. You may take relief within one club lenght from the nearest point of relief.


Conditions of competitions for Seniors Open on Tuesdays

  • Please mark your score card with the letter S for seniors if entering the senior competition.
  • Please indicate on the score card which category you are entering EG over 50s or over 60s.ns 


Competition Committee
Killeen Golf Club 

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Club Policy

The following is Killeen Golf Club's policy on dress code for both the restaurant\bar and on the golf course.  Smart casual is expected at all times and it is not permitted to wear golf shoes in the restaurant\bar.  On the course metal spike are not permitted, jeans or sleeveless shirts are also not permitted. The club thanks all members and visitors for the complience.